The Super Punters Club

Be part of Australia’s most successful punters club – launching right here!


Grab your mates for a season (40 weeks) of punting, banter, more punting and to hopefully get your hands on the massive prize pool.



Each team, generally of 5 like minded lads put in $4000 over a 40 week season. This equates to $20 per person, per week.

Every week for 39 weeks your team will place their $50 bets at The

Courty before close of the week, which is 7pm on a Monday.

The final bet is $100 on week 40 – the grand final day, which falls on Derby Day.

At week 40 the top 5 teams are awarded the prize money and you also collect your envelopes, which are hopefully chock a block with your seasons wins!

Each team gets all of their season wins!


Every 10 weeks bartabs and food will be provided to all members at The Courty.

Each team will also receive personalised merch!


25 teams means a prizepool of $25000. The more teams, the bigger the prize pool, so spread the word!


Exact dates TBC, but kick off will be around last week in January


GRAB YOUR MATES. Nominate a team (minimum of 2, maximum of 5 people per team) with a good name and sign up via the form below!

We will be in touch soon with all rules and regulations.

Yours in punting

– The Wolf

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